A Message From Richmond Police

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I would like to draw you attention to a recent discovery by Surrey Police that some burglary victims had been visited approximately a week or so prior to the offence in a ‘cold calling’ manner which may have been linked to the offence itself. The ‘cold calls’ were people selling items, or offering services such as window cleaning, or even enquiring if the victim’s car was for sale.

If you or a neighbour has any visits along these lines please note them down including the description of the person selling them and record details of any vehicle they are driving. Remember to always check for identification and never allow strangers into your home. If you feel concerned at the time please call 101 or in an emergency situation 999.

Any information may help police identify the criminals responsible. Thank you for your vigilance.

In light of the above information I would also like to point out the attached poster for our upcoming Autumn Knowledge nights on 13th, 19th and 25th October. Ever popular, please see attached – here – for information and how to book a space.