Beware: Scam Emails



We have had notification from the Met Police Safer Neighbourhood Team of two new scam emails doing the rounds and that have been received locally.

The first looks as though it is an order from Amazon, see attached image here. It looks genuine but please note the email address highlighted, which is a fake. The email is asking you to click on the help centre; this will normally take you to another link where they will ask you to confirm bank/card details. If you receive anything like this please just delete.

The second, which purported to be from HMRC saying a tax refund was due, had three main things which showed it was a scam:

  1. HMRC would not contact you about this by email and certainly, in this case, not directly to the recipient, as their tax is handled by an accountant,
  2. It said “click here for a refund” – HMRC does not pay refunds in this way,
  3. The email address was HMR & C and ended – HMRC would have a suffix .gov.

Please double deleted the email if you get it.