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Happy New Year and good gardening for 2017.

This missive is not primarily a new year greeting, I am afraid, but an SOS for help with the Flower and Produce Show in 2017. You may remember that we, the KHS, were lucky enough to field a new core team of four show organisers in 2016 who put together last year’s very successful summer show. For various reasons two members of the team will be unable to help in 2017 and this is a serious blow to us all.
A small group of enthusiastic show helpers and Committee members has recently met to try to find a way forward. They are aware the show is a massive local community event involving loads of people who do their bit on the day for its success. The pool of helpers working behind the scenes for several months before the show is drying up—we are older, less energetic and more involved in more activities outside the KHS. The majority of the group who met were in favour of reducing the show’s size: having a smaller marquee, fewer classes to enter and fewer stalls outside. The event would of course remain on Kew Green.
However in order to stage even a smaller event we still need HELP and after discussion a cunning plan has emerged but its success depends on YOU, the MEMBERS. We need ASAP and before the end of January 2017 the following keen, committed, energetic and positive team members:

o A second job sharing show co-ordinator to share the work with Lyn Keay, our wonderful joint co-ordinator from 2016 who is happily still on the team.
o An outside stalls organiser—full hand over will be given and remember, fewer stalls are planned.
o A raffle organiser—would you be good at asking local shops and businesses for prizes?
o Somebody to drum up advertising copy for the Show Schedule, to liaise with the raffle organiser.
o (Ideally) another persuader to ask businesses for sponsorship, mostly estate agents.
o A copywriter for the show’s publicity-are you good with words?
o A social media oriented member to set up a Facebook page for KHS.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to volunteer to join what will be a can-do team. tel.0208 948 2806.
Last date to volunteer is 31st January 2017. If the main jobs are not filled in time there will be no show on the Green in 2017. This would be sad because the object of the KHS is to organise horticultural shows. Hence this very real SOS to all KHS members.
All good wishes for a productive and fruitful 2017 gardening season,
Ann Sandall
KHS Chairman