Community Matters Programme Waitrose and Pensford Field


Just a Reminder

This opportunity closes at the end of the month, so if you are in Waitrose today or tomorrow please remember to take advantage of this for the benefit of The Field.

Community Matters Programme in Waitrose, Richmond
Pensford Field Environmental Trust has been selected as one of the three Registered Charities to benefit from the Waitrose Community Matters Programme in April. The programme is worth £1,000 in total. I am sure that you will be familiar with how the scheme works. You put green discs into the box of your choice for a local Charity. Waitrose then divides up the money based on the proportion of votes their customers cast for the three good causes nominated for the month. So please remember to support us when you shop there, or, if you don’t normally shop there perhaps you might consider a “one off”!

Many thanks,
Mary Smith,
Chair- Pensford Field