Community Pavements Repair Fund


Half a million pounds is available again in this year’s Community Pavements Repair Fund to fix footpaths nominated by the residents of the borough. Nominations are now open! In the Resident’s Survey, residents highlighted that the condition of pavements was a concern so this year the Council is dedicating £500,000 for nominated pavement improvements. This is in an addition to the regular safety and maintenance work that is carried out by the Council on an on-going basis. This is the fifth round of funding which brings us to a total of nearly 3.7 million pounds extra spent on the borough’s streets, on top of our usual works, tackling what you’ve told us is one of the most pressing problems. In the last round of nominations in 2015, over 1,500 people took part and many neighbours joined forces to suggest repairs to their local area. Each of the fourteen villages in the borough will receive a share of the £500k budget in proportion to their population.

Nomination forms are available at or at your local library and Civic Centre. Deadline to nominate is the 17th of June 2016