Criminal damage in North Sheen Cemetery


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Dear NHW members.

I just wanted to make you aware of an incident of criminal damage that has occurred in North Sheen Cemetery.

On the morning of Sunday 14th August a member of public has called police stating that she was in North Sheen Cemetery and a large number of graves had been damaged or up-ended.

Officers attended and were able to identify 133 headstones involved that were in a particular area of the cemetery. Although initial concern was for hate motivation, whilst this has not been completely ruled out at this stage, it would not seem to be such. The headstones can be broken down as 63 British; 19 Asian; 51 facedown and therefore n/k at this stage. 5 have been smashed and 128 push over or completely uprooted, as well as sundry damage to flowers and grave decorations.

Did you see or hear anything or any disturbances in the cemetery overnight on Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th? We have no one arrested at this stage. Please can you call 101 if you have any information for us.

Thank you,

Police Constable Emma Rose 175TW