Electric Vehicle Recharging Strategy 2016-2026 Consultation



The Council’s Electric Vehicle Recharging Strategy 2016-2026 consultation went live on Monday 19th September and will run until 21st October 2016.

Richmond borough is an Air Quality Management Area, with residents frequently experiencing poor air quality which can be harmful to human health, by worsening respiratory conditions.

Both the UK Government and the Mayor of London are promoting the uptake of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles as a means of reducing pollution in cities and towns. Electric vehicles are one type of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle and Transport for London’s analysis shows that Richmond has one of the largest potential take-up rates for electric vehicles in outer London.

Richmond Council’s Draft Electric Vehicle strategy has been developed to realise the potential demand and address the concerns of EV users. Our vision is that, by 2026, Richmond’s residents and businesses will be able to use electric vehicles every day and for any purpose.

We would like to hear the views of residents and groups across the borough about the draft strategy and the actions it proposes.

Please read the draft strategy report which can be found here and respond using the online survey here.