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What’s the Weather

February 7 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The last 50 years of advances in weather forecasting have been described as a “quiet revolution”, an extremely complex achievement – comparable in difficulty to computationally simulating the human brain – that, even if hardly acknowledged, routinely takes place every day and contributes notably to protect and benefit millions of human beings.

The process of weather forecasting itself is on the verge of a major revolution because of a slowdown in the power of supercomputers and the emergence of new technologies such as machine learning. This has opened multiple possibilities, from personally tailoring of the weather forecast to each individual user: “Anne, if you are cycling today remember to wear waterproof clothing” to forecasting not the weather but the future: “Increased risk of delays on M25 this afternoon”.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Alberto Arribas is the Head of the Informatics Lab and a Science Fellow at the Met Office. The Informatics Lab was founded to address the challenges derived from the complexity of data and science in environmental research. The Informatics Lab is the “Innovation and Technology R&D” department for the Met Office, with the mission of solving strategic problems for the organisation through a multi-disciplinary team.

Alberto has developed world-leading prediction systems for weather and climate, served on expert committees for the USA Academy of Science and the World Meteorological Organisation and published widely in this area. His areas of expertise includes probabilistic forecasting for decision-making, R&D on emerging technologies and strategic innovation.


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