North Sheen Rec Pavillion



It is extremely regrettable that vandals set fire to the KPR picnic benches at the front of the Pavilion in the Rec. The fire damaged the Pavilion wall and the Fire Brigade had to break down some doors to get inside the Pavilion to stop the fire spreading. Fortunately no-one was hurt. Richmond Council are working on clearing up the mess and their engineers are checking the building for safety and repairs. Improved security measures like CCTV and security lighting are being considered by Richmond Council for the future.

Fortunately South Street café is still open and is serving delicious food as usual (but please use the entrance at the side by the playground).

If you see anyone in the Rec after the gates have been locked at night, please dial 999 and report it to the police immediately – with the recent spate of graffiti in the Rec as well (now fortunately removed by Richmond Council), we can’t be too careful.

Sue Burden