Self-driving robots to hit Richmond

Robot Vehicle 180315

A fleet of self-driving robots will be trialled across the borough – aimed at reducing carbon emissions and delivery costs.

Richmond Council has agreed that Starship Technologies can pilot their latest innovation, a self-driving delivery robot, on the borough’s highway network.

The six-wheeled intelligent robots are 55cm (22in) tall and 70cm (28in) long. They can travel up to 4mph. Each one has nine on-board cameras, two-way audio and movement sensors and they will be driven autonomously and make every day local deliveries for consumers.

The robots generate zero carbon emissions and move around without human input for most of the time – but they are monitored by human controllers, who can take the reins if they need to.

The technology is already in use in other boroughs (e.g. Greenwich) and by takeaway companies including Just Eat and couriers Hermes.