Tree works Station Parade and Station Approach, Kew


Dear All

I would like to bring to your attention tree works that we are conducting in Station Parade and Station Approach, Kew between 25th of April to 6th of May 2016.

All the works are being conducted as part of the ongoing maintenance of the trees within the borough.

The majority of the work is light pruning, such as crown lifting to keep the vista of the roads open and pruning back from buildings ensuring the trees have suitable clearance.

There are two exceptions to this, the tree outside number 5 Station Approach is being reduced by 2-3m on all sides to aid in reducing the size and weight of the crown to help ensure the lean into the highway is stabilised.

Unfortunately the tree outside Starbucks in Station Parade, is going to have to be removed for reasons of safety. This is following extensive investigation where it was found the decay with in the main stem is very significant. The tree reacting to this decay can be seen from the ground in the form of swelling and discoloration between 4 -7m up. This cavity could be caused by if not being exacerbated by a decay fungi pathogen. Fruiting fungal bodies are also visible from the ground.

To conduct these works we have suspended groups of parking bays, we will be doing a couple of trees a day to keep disruption down to a minimum.
Below I have attached a map with the dates when we will be suspending bays and carrying out the tree work. Can I ask please that you take note of any signs asking you to keep clear whilst we conduct the works.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I trust this is of assistance to you

Yours sincerely

Robert Anderson, ND Arb, FdSc, TechArborA
Contract Tree Officer
Gristwood and Toms Ltd
T: 01923 851 563

Tree Maintenance Plan 1604