A major issue with the gas supply in part of Kew.


A burst water main in Mount Ararat Road on Thursday night forced a hole into a nearby gas pipe, causing water to leak into the gas supply. Cadent, the gas network service company, have been on the scene since early Friday morning to try and resolve the issue.

There are approximately 1400 households in the Richmond and Kew areas are likely to have been affected. Cadent engineers are calling at every residence to gain entrance to check the gas supply, and – if necessary – turn it off. They cannot proceed to fix the gas pipe issue until all 1400 homes have been visited. As of 11am 25th January 2020, there were still 800 homes that Cadent needed to gain access to.

Please look out for Cadent engineers in your street and give them access to your home if they request it. The quicker all homes are checked, the sooner the gas supply can be restored.

All Cadent engineers carry ID – please ask to see it before you let them in.

Some homes will need to have their gas supply disconnected until the problem can be fixed. If you find yourself without the means to cook a meal or heat your home, there are free heaters and hotplates available and can be collected from the Richmond Hill Hotel.

Please can you look out for your elderly, disabled and vulnerable neighbours. If necessary, can you make them aware of what is going on, and collect a heater and/or a hotplate on their behalf.

It will obviously take some time to access all the homes. If residents are not available to give access, Cadent will get a warrant from the magistrates to force entry to a property. For this reason, Cadent are hopeful that they can get all the homes checked, the problem fixed and gas restored in a couple of days, but there is potential for lots of issues to arise, so it may take longer.

This is obviously a very difficult situation for everybody concerned, but Cadent are working hard to get this resolved. Every member of their staff that I have spoken to has been friendly and helpful, and I hope that will be your experience too.

this message is an extract from an e-mail send by Sarah Olney (MP for Richmond Park)

List of affected roads:
Sheen Road
Church Road
Litchfield Court
Litchfield Gardens
Mount Ararat Road
Grosvenor Road
Dynevor Road
Dunstable Road
Alton Road
Sheen Park
Townshend Road
St Marys Grove
Adelaide Road
Grena Gardens
Grena Road
Manor Gardens
Manor Road
Queens Road
Kings Road
Worple Way
Princes Road
The Vineyard
Vineyard Passace
St Johns Road
Larkfield Road
Evelyn Road
Cedar Terrace
Tersha Street
Salisbury Road
Lower Mortlake Road
Albany Road
Evelyn Terrace
Lenton Rise
Old Deer Park Gardens
Kew Road
Stanmore Road
Topiary Square
Selwyn Avenue
St Pauls Road
Townsend Terrace
The Avenue
Sandycombe Road
Manor Grove
Lancaster Park
Old Palace Lane
The Green
Tower Rise
Twickenham Road
Raleigh Road
St Georges Road
Alexander Road
Pagoda Avenue
Beaumont Avenue
Duncan Road
Catherine Drive
Waterloo Place
Victoria Villas