A Quick Update from Kew Police

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From: Lorraine.Childs@met.police.uk
Date: 11 June 2020 at 16:34:08 BST
Subject: Quick Update

Dear all,

Hope you are keeping well and adjusting to the changes in place.

Just a quick update to pass on and make you aware of:

Firstly, we have had a few reports of theft of catalytic convertors again, all apart from one have been from Hondas and Toyotas. Consider talking to your garage/dealer for any advice. If you see anyone hanging around a vehicle (often 2 people, 1 a look out and the other removing it ) then please call police immediately. It can take as little as 2 minutes to remove, they may have a wrench or saw as their tools.

Secondly, we have reports again of suspicious “roofers” cold calling, offering their services. Please do not invite anyone in to your home without prior arrangement and research, do not agree to any work being carried out “on the cuff” and do not give any money.

Again, I have noticed a lot of parcels left on doorsteps, great opportunities to passing thieves so consider an alternative location they can be left securely (not a sign on the door saying leave with neighbour as this is a great way to tell a burglar you’re out!)

We also have had reports of males on pushbikes trying car door handles in the early hours, please remove anything of value including items like sunglasses, “parking money”, etc. If you see this happening please call police at the time.

Keep safe and hope to bump in to you on my travels.

Kind regards

Lorraine Childs

Centre House
68 Sheen Lane
SW14 8LP

External 0208 721 2930
Internal 789563

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