Abide by the Covid rules – or risk a fine!

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Residents and businesses are reminded that they should ONLY be leaving their houses for specific purposes under the new Covid19 restrictions – or risk a fine.

Last week the Government announced new national restrictions to help curb the spread of Coronavirus. From 5 November, the new measures state that individuals should only leave their home for:

  • Work and volunteering
  • Essential activities e.g. buying food / medicine / collecting takeaways or click and collect goods, visiting a bank or post office or accessing critical services
  • Fulfilling legal obligations
  • Education or childcare
  • Visiting people in your support bubble or providing care for children
  • Medical reasons
  • Emergency reasons e.g. domestic abuse
  • Funerals / individual prayer
  • Exercise

Over the past few days there have been growing reports of people purchasing refreshments from local pubs, cafes and restaurants and then consuming the goods e.g. alcohol beverages, outside of the premise or in local parks and open spaces.

The Council and local Police continue to educate, encourage and enforce both residents and businesses on the new rules, which are in place until the 2 December.

Councils have the lead role in activity around the enforcement of businesses and restrictions on access to public places. The Police have the responsibility to ensure that members of the public follow the regulations e.g. social distancing / wearing face coverings. If people refuse to comply, officers will take enforcement action.

Covid Marshals have been deployed in key hotspots and high footfall areas around the borough. Their role is to educate and issue advice but not to enforce.   However, they will provide reports on businesses and individuals who fail to and/or refuse to comply with regulations.