Community Police update


Dear all,

Hope you are enjoying the summer so far .

Just a quick update on all things Kew, as I understand that you do not receive the crime update changes now since our merge with Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth.

Our key concern is theft from motor vehicle, unfortunately Kew is still on the criminals radar due to the success they have from items being left in vehicles. Remove anything and everything . Unfortunately a lot of victims are not local to Kew so trying to educate our visitors is another challenge for us. If you are having visitors, please advise them.

Burglaries through the warmer summer period may increase due to windows /doors being left open , please remember to close and lock them when you are not in or in different parts of the house, i.e. if you’re upstairs, close the door /window downstairs, upon patrol over the past few days I have encountered this and it can take a good few minutes for someone to appear when I knock.
Think in that time , what a burglar could take., is there a handbag left in the hallway , keys left on the hall table, IPad on the kitchen table………
Remember to set alarms, even when you’re at home.
Think like a burglar, how easy is it to access your property, any weak spots…….. remember we can provide home security surveys, if any of your watch members would like to arrange this, just get in touch.

There has been a small spate of catalytic convertors being stolen from the southern end of Kew , generally day time hours ,if you see anyone suspicious around a vehicle, please contact police.

I am aware communication may have been a little hit and miss recently , due to policing changes and commitments on our part, if you have any feedback please do not hesitate to get in touch. As always we are looking to expand NHW so if you are aware of any one that shows an interest again get in touch.
I have recently letter dropped various roads to set new watches, up but unfortunately I have received no feedback, any ideas most welcome.

Hope to see you around and about in Kew.

Kind regards

Lorraine Childs
Centre House
68 Sheen Lane
SW14 8LP
External 07879 433392
Internal 789563

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