SWLEN provides a support and development role to enable community–led environment groups and projects as well as delivering sustainability projects which encourage people and organisations to work together to reduce their impact on the environment.
We support many friends of parks groups across Richmond Borough with practical support, advice and networking. We have a diverse range of expertise on offer to groups and individuals.
We are passionate about neighbourhoods protecting and supporting their green spaces.
We manage the Richmond Biodiversity Partnership which seeks to protect and enhance important or threatened species or habitats.
We deliver energy efficiency advice and support through our Smart Communities programme.

SWLEN is administering a crowd-funding initiative to assist local residents or community group with environmental projects that need support. The SWLEN team can help them put together a project and use the SWLEN Crowdfund to promote, collect funds and process Gift Aid, on behalf of a project. Click here for more information.

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ETNA Community Centre, 13 Rosslyn Road, Twickenham TW1 2AR

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