Most of you will be aware of the new restrictions in place from Monday, prohibiting more than six people from meeting socially. This applies to both indoor and outdoor meetings, and includes family members from different households. It does not include people in one “support bubble.” The new rules do not apply to education setting, workplaces or participation in some sports.
You can see more detail on the new rules here:
The rules on socialising have been tightened again because our R rate has crept above 1 again, and cases are now rising rapidly. This is especially concerning as we have not yet seen the influence of schools reopening and students returning to their universities, which are likely to cause further rises.
In addition to adhering to the new rules, we all need to maintain our commitment to handwashing, social distance and wearing masks in indoor public places at all times. With winter just around the corner it is vital that we get our transmission rate back under control.


Sarah Olney MP

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