As we all start to get out and about more visiting local high street and beauty spots. I would ask that everyone remembers that we are not all experiencing the loosening of lockdown measures at the same rate.
Millions of people across the country have been shielding indoors as they are clinically vulnerable to becoming seriously ill if they contact the virus. They are now allowed out of their homes, under restrictions, but many are understandably nervous about doing so.
I would therefore ask everyone to be vigilant of maintaining 2m distance when you are out and wearing a face covering where possible. You may feel that you are safe but the people around you may be in a more vulnerable position than you are.

As shops, pubs, restaurants and other venues begin to open across London, TfL are introducing some new measures to make the transport network cleaner than ever.
These include:

  • Use of hospital-grade cleaning substances that kill viruses and bacteria on contact and protect for up to 30 days.
  • Key interchanges being cleaned more frequently – including during the day.
  • All regular ‘touch point’ areas on buses, such as poles and doors, being wiped down with a strong disinfectant every day.
  • A trial is underway to use UV light to clean the handrails on escalators on the Tube network.

Investigations conducted as part of independent research, which studied a number of locations across the Tube found them all to be free from coronavirus.  Academics from Imperial College undertook coronavirus testing at high frequency touch points, and in the air at Vauxhall, Pimlico and Victoria stations.
TfL has also set out some simple tips to help everyone stay safe as they travel. They include:

  • Travel at quieter times and avoid travelling during the peak times of 05:45-08:15 and 16:00-17:30
  • Wear a face covering. It is now mandatory to wear one that covers your nose and mouth for your entire journey, including in stations, unless you are exempt. These should not be removed mid-journey. The police and TfL’s enforcement officers are patrolling the transport network to ensure that everyone is following the rules
  • Continue to work from home if you can and walking or cycling all or part of your journey if possible.
  • Wash or sanitise hands at the beginning and at the end of your journey and carry hand sanitiser with you if you can.
  • Follow the social distancing signage and guidance now in place across the transport network, keeping your distance from other customers when you travel wherever possible.

TfL is now operating 94% of peak weekday services on the Tube and buses. Seven Tube stations which will reopen today, along with Hyde Park Corner, Arsenal, Kilburn Park, Swiss Cottage, Clapham South and Hampstead.


Sarah Olney MP

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