Council puts idlers on final warning before new £40 fines

Eagle-eyed watchers of our parking enforcement officers would have noticed their new look tabards promoting the Council’s anti-idling message.

Would-be idlers are being warned the Council’s parking enforcement officers will, from 1 March 2019, have powers to fine those who allow their vehicle to idle if they refuse to turn off their engine when asked.

If you are seen idling by one of Richmond Council’s officers, they will approach you and ask you to turn off your engine. Should you refuse, from 1 March 2019 you will be issued with a £40 fine.

The change comes after the Council launched its campaign to make Richmond upon Thames an idle-free borough and is the next stage in its attempt to intensify work on idling reduction.

Future plans include moving to an even higher fine than the £40 system that will be in operation from March.

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