Council starts work on cycle lane outside Kew Gardens

Cycle Lane 200529

Under emergency powers, single yellow line parking will be removed from Kew Road outside of Kew Gardens and protective barriers will be installed to create a 24-hour mandatory northbound cycle lane.  All as part of the council’s Post-Covid Transport Action Plan.

In light of the Government guidance encouraging local authorities to make active travel improvements and as part of Richmond Council’s continuing measures to support walking and cycling in light of COVID-19, the parking will be removed on the Kew Road, outside of the Gardens.

The water barriers installed outside of Kew Gardens will be a temporary, and will be replaced with semi-permanent measures that will preserve the cycleway and will not reinstate parking.

The Council has engaged with Kew Gardens and have considered their emerging transport plan and their planned re-opening.  The Council believes that these measures are crucial in discouraging unnecessary visits to the facility by car, as well as supporting much-needed cycling infrastructure at the same location.

Further upgrades to the cycling facility on Kew Road are part of the Council’s imminent bid to TfL for infrastructure funding and further proposals will be published in the coming weeks.

Recognising that the change could have wider impacts (particularly as visitor numbers increase), within weeks of these emergency changes, the Council will be consulting residents and businesses across Kew about the future operation of the existing Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) and on the possibility of implementing a new CPZ in the area around Kew Green.