Crime Prevention Update

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From the Richmond Police:

This picture was taken showing the method a burglar used to gain entry to a property in Heston. The glass was triple glazed and this hole in where they climbed in and out of the house (keys later added by victim and police to gain access to the garden!)

It is believed this method of entry was used as it is fairly well known that modern glass is designed to break up into small pieces but not shatter and therefore will not be sharp.

PCSO Chris Walden was tasked to find out if there is any prevention from this method of entry people can use to better protect themselves. He discovered that there are protective films you can purchase and apply to the glass which although it may not prevent entry entirely it will certainly slow them down. This can be found by searching ‘Window glaziers and approved security film’ and can be bought from places such as but not limited to eBay, 3M and Banham’s at different levels of cost.

NB. The named retailers are not Police approved suppliers and there are other companies out there who may sell security film and the quality of the product and effectiveness of it cannot be guaranteed by Police.