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Dear all,

Hope you’re keeping well.

A brief overview of October, a useful link regarding the Herbert Protocol and an invitation to the next Community Conversation “have your say about Community Safety” included in this email.

The Herbert Protocol is a form for those who care for people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia (and other conditions) who are at risk if they go missing. The completed form is used if emergency services are called and contains information relating to where they may visit, recent photograph , medical conditions, etc. It can be used by a formal care setting and informal i.e. family members. It does not need to be filled in and sent to anyone, just to have to hand should a vulnerable person go missing. Feel free to share with friends, neighbours family etc or anyone that may benefit from using this.
It is particularly useful for us when looking for a missing person as it gives us vital information as to where we may need to concentrate our search, other partners/agencies that we may need to contact and so on.

Another useful link is a virtual invitation to the next Community Conversation:
The date for the Kew meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 25th November.
“Residents are invited to join the Council and Police and have their say on community safety issues, sharing their ideas on local priorities in a series of virtual community engagement events.”
The Council will be hosting a series of dedicated discussions on Community Safety, in partnership with the local Police. Those who wish to attend their local event, can pre-register here. Once registered they will be sent a personal link and will be able to log in and hear from their local Police representatives and their local ward councillors live.
Attendees will be invited to have their say via video on community safety in their local area and give their ideas.”

October 2020 figures:

Theft from Motor Vehicle: 15… 7 of these were thefts of belongings left in the vehicles including bags, laptops, money , electrical items etc. The others were theft of catalytic convertors, Honda, Lexus, Toyotas being the predominant vehicles of choice. (2019 : 9 – 6 catalytic convertors)

Theft of Motor Vehicle: 3… 2 were motor bikes, 1 Land Rover, recovered in Ealing (3 arrested) (2019 : 1)

Burglary: 4 …1 was a garage, tools and wine stolen, 2 were bicycles stolen from underground car parks (2019 : 12)

Theft of pedal cycles: 0 (2019: 2)

Robbery: 1 (both victim and suspect known to each other) (2019 :2)

We have had a couple reports of fraudulent activity regarding “water leaks”, “police phoning”. Never invite anyone in to your home that you don’t know, if they sate they are from a utility company, police ,etc. try and take a name/shoulder number/ID number and contact the company yourself directly. If they are genuine they won’t take offence and won’t mind waiting. NEVER give out any personal details/bank details/PINs over the phone.

With the clocks changing and the longer dark evenings, consider your home security. Nothing says more  an empty house that has no lights on. Consider timers to come on at various times, do not just have 1 light on in the hall!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Lorraine Childs

Centre House
68 Sheen Lane
SW14 8LP
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Internal 789563

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