Kew Street Level Support Groups


A large number of very local, street level support groups have been set up in Kew in response to the coronavirus crisis.  Using WhatsApp messaging, telephone and email, these groups allow neighbours to stay in touch and support each other with shopping and errands during the lockdown as well as providing the comfort of friendly chat with our neighbours, albeit only online or by phone.

A Facebook group Kew Ward- Mutual Aid Covid 19 has been set up to support these groups – helping people to find or create a group for their street and offering advice.

Their map (which is updated daily) shows in green the streets already covered by a group.  If you would like to be put in touch with the group for your street, or to get advice on setting up a new group, please get in touch with Kew Ward – Mutual Aid Covid 19 via their Facebook page. Alternatively you can email us at and we will help put you in touch with them.