Heading into our second lockdown, it’s clear that we are all old hands at this now.  Many of Kew’s shops and businesses are ready with plans to carry on serving us remotely, neighbourhood WhatsApp groups are gearing up again and the Kew Neighbourhood Association is ready to help, with lots of volunteers already vetted and standing by.      As we move through the coming weeks , the KewTW9 team will endeavour to pass on any news and information from the many people who are working hard to keep our community going and supported.  We’re so grateful to them all.

Public Services & Information
Local Support Groups
Local Businesses

While we are trying to keep this information up to date, the situation changes daily, please tell us if you know of any updates or changes using our Contact Us form.

Richmond Covid-19 Statistics here and here.


Public Services and Information

Richmond Council Community Hub
Richmond Council latest guidance
MP Sarah Olney’s advice
Religious services and assistance during lockdown
Scams we have heard about during this crisis
Waste and recycling services at Townmead Road remain open with a booking system in place.

Local Support Groups

Kew Neighbourhood Association
Richmond Food Bank
Kew Ward – Mutual Aid COVID-19 Facebook Group – street by street What’sApp groups

Local Businesses

Lockdown offerings from local businesses

Kew Village Market hopes to return on December 6th.  In the meantime stallholders may still be able to supply you with their lovely products.


Local writers reflect on life in the Covid crisis, and how they’re now looking ahead.

“Happiness behind my eyes”  Charlotte from Heavenly Green, which offers skincare and beauty treatments, tells us how thrilled she was when her salon re-opened after many months.

“In Flagrante Sings Through Lockdown and Beyond” Flo from the “In Flagrante” choir sings the praises of their determined music director and the members who have kept together online throughout this challenging time – do join them!

“Reopening of  The Avenue Club” We’re inspired by this heart-warming report from Diana on the gradual reopening of the Club, which is so valued by senior members of our community.

“Fitness and Well-being for Autumn”    As we all focus on health, Hilde Bysheim tells how she and her team at Earthlife under Kew Bridge have combined online classes with a careful reopening to welcome clients back.

“Maids of Honour Revisited”  Kew’s historic tea room, bakery, and shop has been delighting customers for more than 150 years.   Wartime bombs didn’t break the business, so Covid couldn’t be allowed to win – Kimberley and Dean from Maids of Honour describe, in amusing and heartfelt words, how they’ve brought their service to the community, expanded deliveries/online and remain determined to Keep Calm and Carry On Regardless.

“Selfless Service” in the time of Covid  Pavi Singh, from the Kew Convenience Store, tells us, in this optimistic and moving article, how the tireless efforts of his team to keep the shop open, deliver to vulnerable customers and offer help where it was needed, all stem from the Sikh duty of “Selfless Service” to the community.

“Shoe Station/Canopy – Local Businesses Forging Ahead”   Claire and Sally report from a Kew Village business that has had to think outside the box, with many sleepless nights, and are now open and fighting for a brighter future.  So – please support our local shops!

“Emerging From Lockdown” is by Reverend Peter Hart, from the Barn and St Luke’s.  He shares his thoughts about loss and hope as Kew begins to re-open.

“Changes and Travelling” is by Lucie Bloomfield, a former Queen’s pupil now studying Religions, Philosophies and Ethics at Bath Spa University.  Isolating back home with her family, she created an online magazine, “The Philosopher’s Review”.  Here she tells how the coronavirus cut short her year abroad, and what she’s learned about herself in the time of lockdown.   (If you’d like to read her latest edition of The Philosopher’s Review, just email thephilosophersreview@gmail.com” )

“It’s ok to feel S.H.I.T. – Young mental health in the coronavirus crisis”.  Susie Weaver has raised £12,000 for mental health charity YoungMinds, selling over a thousand T-shirts bearing the slogan “It’s OK to feel S.H.I.T.”.  Here she talks about her campaign and a cause which has felt even more important as young people struggle with the challenges of lockdown.

“We will meet again”. Local filmmakers Marie Lanna and Jaime Feliu-Torres have produced a wonderful short film acknowledging the contribution of our key-workers during the Corona Crisis.  Filmed mostly in Kew, the film features many familiar faces and has been widely shared in the community and beyond. Here Marie explains the inspiration for the film and the process of creating it.

“Kew Sews Scrubs”.   As the crisis began, Ela Kaczmarska  was inspired to start providing scrubs when her husband, a consultant working with Covid patients, told of the difficulties his colleagues were facing.  Ela soon recruited other local talent.  Kew Sews Scrubs has been supplying local hospices and care homes over the past weeks, and has inspired yet more talented people to join in the effort.  Here, Ela tells their story.

“Thoughts from a KNA volunteer”  The Kew Neighbourhood Association is hugely-experienced in supporting vulnerable members of our community, and they’ve had an influx of wonderful local volunteers.  Here is one new helper’s story.

“Bad Things Happen, But People Survive” by Mike Thexton.  He was a hostage in the hijacking of PanAm 073 at Karachi Airport in 1986. He tells the story of the day and the aftermath in “What Happened to the Hippy Man?”.  In normal times, he referees Kew Park Rangers football matches, where the experience of the hijack helps him not to mind the views of the crowd…..

“Thoughts from Space” by Kew resident Helen Sharman – she was the  UK’s first astronaut, and the first woman to visit the MIR space station, so knows how to cope with isolation! Now she has recorded a fascinating online Q&A session with Richmond children, which can be seen here.

Rainbows of Kew

During the first lockdown, windows all over Kew were filled with children’s drawings of rainbows.  We photographed them on our daily walks and have put them on record here as an uplifting memory of Kew children’s creativity during the crisis.

More Rainbows in Kew!

And here’s a beautiful Kew community video  “We Will Meet Again” by local parents and film makers, Marie Lanna and Jaime Torres.

It features some familiar faces and is bound to lift your spirits! They say – “This is a period when we all understand that these people are our biggest asset and we have to make sure of valuing our front line workers at all times and not only now ….this is a non-profit and non-commercial project made at home. It is our way to say #thankyou and share some positivity during this challenging period. From the bottom of our hearts a massive thank you to all the people involved.”


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