On-Line Shopping Scam

Scam Signs

From the victim:

I had a bottle of perfume delivered today that I didn’t order – £71. Phoned the company that it came from and it looks as though it’s fraud. There was an online account set up using my name, home address and date of birth. Apparently they open an account with a retailer that offers credit then order a small value item to be delivered to your home address (as the first order always has to go to the home address). They can then use the rest of the credit limit to order high value products to be delivered to an address of their choice.

They had also requested that the parcel was left in the porch and they had opted for a special delivery service which texted them with confirmation of a two hour delivery slot. So it could be that they were going to pinch the products from the front step. I hope that’s not the case as it would mean that the suspects are local to the area. Fortunately, as we are working from home at the moment, we’re almost always here to receive deliveries.

Very helpful lady at Fraud Action recommends checking your credit rating with clearscore.com or creditkarma.co.uk to see whether companies have done credit checks on you, so you can call them and get fraudulent accounts shut down. You can also set up a text alert when companies do a credit check in the future.