Hi to all reading this Enews

My Name is Pavi Singh and we own a family business in Kew, just outside the station which is called Kew Convenience Store.  I would like to talk about our experience during this lockdown.  The Coronavirus had started to spread across the whole country, which led us all to start panic buying.  So we were noticing that there was going to be a lockdown soon in the UK and there was but just a week before we started to get busy and were needing stock every day.  I was going to the Cash and Carry at 6am to get into the queues.  Now, from a business perspective it was getting busy, but I looked at this in another way.  I have been at this location for more than 5 years and have built a nice Kew family.  I had to do something for my locals, which was to make sure to provide as much as I can.  So I woke up at 6am and finished 11-12pm midnight, just so I could get everyone their essential shopping just before this lockdown! I was getting very tired but I had it in my head that I will do as much as I can for my community and my Kew family so we kept going!  Now, coming from a Sikh faith, in my religion we have something called “selfless service” which we really believe in, so I and our team decided we will try to keep going as much as we can! There was a shortage of paracetamol and masks, so I had a supplier, but I had decided that I will not be charging for these and I will be giving these out for free, so we did! In the coming week when the lockdown was announced we as a team were very upset, because we had to close down.  Now this wasn’t purely because we were scared, but Cash and Carries were so full we didn’t have chance to get in – people who were registered for deliveries from cash and carry for stock could get those, so it was a shame.  We closed down for several weeks.  Then I had been going to check the Cash and Carries – it was getting better, so we decided to open up again and start providing for our community.  As many of you know, I kept everyone posted from my facebook page!   Again, as taught in our religion, Sikhism, we must share and must do our “selfless service”.  So many times I wrote that we were willing to donate as much as we can to anyone who was struggling in these times.  I tried to do as much as I could during this difficult time and I always hope I did my community and my Kew Family proud.

Now, I have always been a person who will be happy, no matter what you spend in our store.  Even if anyone goes to another supermarket or store and comes with bags we will still give them as much as respect as we give to our regular customers! At the end of the day it’s looking after everyone. We have future plans such as getting a refurbishment done to the whole store, so am looking forward to that. During the lockdown we did try to do deliveries too for our locals and those who couldn’t come out.  We have recently launched our website – the link is https://goodeats.io/Kewconveniencestore .  We thought this will help people shop for the future too. Once again, we hope that we helped out as much as we could and to those who we couldn’t help when we were closed – we are very sorry! But I hope from the support we are getting now that this will be continued.  I, Pavi Singh, thank all of the Kew community and for everyone who was also willing to volunteer, we really appreciate this.   I look to welcome you all to our store.  With all love and respect, thank you.