“Porch Pirates” seek to steal your home deliveries!

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Police and local Council are warning the public about delivery thefts after reports of people stealing packages from outside homes.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, parcels left outside people’s homes or in communal areas by delivery drivers have been stolen. Whilst couriers e.g. Amazon and Hermes have been advised on how to make sure packages are safe, we are also encouraging local people to do their bit to protect their delivered goods.

Advice includes:

• If there is an option to leave a telephone number and to receive a text once delivery has been then do so.
• Try and obtain a short time slot for your delivery – so that items are not left outside for long periods of time
• Have your packages delivered to a secure location. Amazon has set up “lockers” where your package will wait for you securely. Some shipping companies allow you to divert your package to a local retailer and pick it up by showing your ID.
• Add detailed delivery instructions. You could tell a delivery person to put the package in a place that can’t be seen easily, or request that the delivery require your signature so the package will not be left out all day.
• Ask a neighbour to bring in your package.
• Ensure all communal external doors are locked and not propped open
• Ask landlords to assist with secure internal storage areas
• Be vigilant and look out for each other.

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