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Dear all,

Hope this email finds you well and enjoying the summer.

We have been made aware of a return of door to door sellers, selling dusters and the like, often stating they are on a Prison rehabilitation scheme. There are no schemes like this and I would encourage no one to open the door or consider buying anything. Items are often price inflated and of poor quality. I understand that the individuals are transported in a vehicle with a number of others and sent out to make money. The below link gives advice as to how to apply for a genuine pedlars certificate, not the homemade laminated version they may wave in your face.

We are looking at resuming our PLGs ( ward panel meetings as they are now going to be known ) via a virtual platform ( Micro soft teams ), hopefully in September. Once a date is arranged I will send out the information.

Crime figures:

July 20

Theft of Motor Vehicle: 2
♦ 1 suspect was arrested within minutes in the vehicle
Robbery: 0
Burglary residential: 6
♦ Of note 4 of these were cycles from sheds/ garages
Theft from Motor Vehicle: 11
♦ 7 of these were catalytic convertors, vehicles predominantly Toyotas and Hondas.
Theft of cycles: 14.

Consider advice below:

To compare for July 19

Theft of Motor Vehicle: 2
Burglary residential: 3
Robbery: 1
Theft from motor vehicle: 14
Theft of cycle: 2

Just a reminder that we are still only a small team of 2. If you have reported a crime, we may not be the reporting/investigating officers so if you have been given their details contact them in the first instance.
Any questions/ feedback, please get in touch. Please use the SNT email address should you need to contact us:

Kind regards

Lorraine Childs

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