Security Advice

Safer Neighbourhoods Street Sign

Dear all,

Unfortunately, over the past couple of weeks we have seen a number of burglaries across the ward.

These have occurred across the ward and have been both during the day time and at night.

With the longer evenings drawing in, please consider the following security advise;

· If you have an alarm, use it, whether you are at home, asleep or out, please ensure this is set and working efficiently
· Consider the use of timers for various lights across the home, coming on and off at various times. A house in darkness indicates no-one’s home
· Keep a radio on ( possibly on a talk channel ) at a significant volume, so that if you are out along with lights on it shows “activity” in the home
· Check your windows have sufficient locks and that they are locked
· Do not keep handbags, car/house keys on the table in the hall, burglars know this and can even fish through the letterbox to hook keys to take the car or enter the house. Keep them far away in a non-obvious pace
· Remember to double lock front and back doors, at night take the keys up to bed with you, out of sight and close to hand should you need them
· Take a look at side entry points to the back of the house, look at the lighting, gate security, are they easy to climb over, can I use a neighbouring wall to climb up on, is there a bin to give a leg up and over.
· Lock garden tools up, a spade can be used to jemmy doors open, bricks used to try and smash
· Keep any expensive/precious jewellery in a secure place, NOT in bedside tables, shoeboxes in the wardrobe, consider for items that you do not wear often keeping in a safety deposit box, take photos of the items and try and locate and copy receipts/certificates
· Keep hedges and bushes trimmed low so there’s nowhere to hide

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

On another note, I have organised a scam prevention presentation which will be held at St Luke’s Church, The Avenue on Wednesday 29th November from 11.30-1.00pm.

Kind regards
PCSO Lorraine Childs 7266TW
Kew Safer Neighbourhood Team
Sovereign Gate,
18-20 Kew Road,
Telephone: 0208 247 8320