Supermarket Shopping Arrangements


In addition to the wonderful efforts by all of our local businesses, the supermarket chains have now put in place arrangements to ease shopping for the elderly and vulnerable.

Marks and Spencer will reserve the first hour of trading (8.00-9.00am) on Monday and Thursday as a special shopping hour for elderly and vulnerable customers.  The first hour on Tuesday and Friday will be reserved for NHS and emergency service workers.

Waitrose stores will also dedicate the first hour of opening (8.00-9.00am) as a priority shopping time for the elderly, the vulnerable and those who look after them.

Sainsbury’s have announced that the first hour of shopping in supermarkets (8.00-9.00am) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, will be reserved for elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers.  NHS and Social Care workers will now be able to shop separately between 7.30 and 8.00am every day from Monday to Saturday. Sainsbury’s have also asked that each household sends only one adult shopping and have placed markings on the floor to show safe distances within the shop. Limits on product purchases will be gradually removed from Sunday, and people are already able to buy unlimited Easter eggs !!

Tesco Express in the Village is open from 7am-10pm every day.

Some shops are changing opening hours to allow more shelf stacking time.  We recommend checking websites for individual shop opening hours before travelling.