Update (10:00 Thursday 30th January) on Gas/Electricity supply problem

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Cadent’s major operation to restore gas supplies in Richmond, after water from a burst water main got into local gas mains, have continued throughout the day. They have now removed 70,000 litres of water from the gas pipes.

Investigations last night revealed a large blockage of water in a second main gas pipe to the area, the size of a car tyre, which runs under the railway line in the Manor Road area, over a mile away from where the water main burst in Mount Ararat Road.

A major operation to pump out this water began last night. Engineers worked throughout the night and the operation continues today. Cadent believe that unblocking this pipe will be a significant step forward towards restoring gas supplies.

Homes south of Sheen Road, in the area bordered by Kings Road, A307 Paradise Road and Richmond Hill, are back on gas. Therefore, nearly 700 properties now have gas.

Richmond Council has been lobbying Cadent and UK Power Network to discuss what urgent action is being taken to support residents whilst the repair work is ongoing – particularly those who have lost electricity, as well as gas. UK Power Network have agreed to offer alternative accommodation to any customers without gas AND electricity and anyone applicable should contact them ASAP. Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council is meeting with both organisations today.

For a link to the full article please follow this link – https://www.richmond.gov.uk/news?a=7827#st7827