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Dear all,

Hope you are keeping well.

A quick over view of  what’s been happening over the past month.

Our most prevalent crimes have been Theft from Motor Vehicle with 10 recorded crimes, 4 of these were catalytic convertors.
Again, it appears that Toyotas and Hondas are the most targeted vehicles. If you do have/getting one of these consider obtaining any security advice from the car dealer. It can take as little as a minute to steal it, if you see anyone hanging around vehicles or “jacking” 1 up, then please report (often 2 people involved, 1 look out and 1 removing it, normally have their own vehicle with them).

We have also seen an increase of theft of bicycles. (8 reported). With the increased push on cycling in the current climate, they are proving to be desirable items. Look at how and where you lock them, take a note of the frame number.

Residential burglaries: 2

Theft of motor vehicle: 1

Robberies: 0

We are aware of the beggars that have been frequenting various locations , please do not give them any money. Unfortunately, some have dependency issues, therefore the money will be spent on the next “deal”. We are working with partners and looking at measures from our side to put in place.
This ties in with reports of drug dealing across the ward as well as North Richmond and South Richmond. If you have concerns regarding drug dealing please get in touch. Any descriptions, vehicle registration plates, times, days are most beneficial.

Any questions, comments, please get in touch.

Kind regards

Lorraine Childs

Centre House
68 Sheen Lane
SW14 8LP

External 0208 721 2930
Internal 789563

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