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Update from our local police team

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The local police wish to share their latest news:

Just  an update as what’s been happening locally over the past few weeks.

There have been a small number of burglaries whereby method of entry has been through back windows and in a couple of cases climbing up on to  roofs. Items stolen have been again jewellery and money. Consider your security, take a look from a burglar’s perspective, easy points of entry, climbing tools, dark corners, garden security, front door locks, window locks and the like. There have been reports of vehicles being stolen including Lexus and Range Rover models. Consider using steering wheel/gear locks, keep keyless car keys away from the front of the house, consider foil lined pouches to keep them in. After reports of catalytic convertors (from Toyota and Hondas mainly), 3 males were arrested and charged after being pursued on the A316 (St Margaret’s area) about a week ago. Since then we haven’t had any reports. Contact your dealer/garage for any advice. There has been a couple reports of the cash machines in the village being tampered with, when using please be mindful of who is around you, check the cash machine before inserting your card and cover when entering your pin.

As you would have known a couple of months back we had the parking machine scam. We have had reports from colleagues in Wandsworth that they have had various reports, individuals seen at the time have been smartly dressed or in some cases wearing a parking attendant type uniform. Again be aware when using parking machines and do not accept any help.

I also met with Trading Standards today; they offer presentations on various topics including scams. I am currently seeking some venues that may be suitable and hope to arrange one going forwards.

Our next contact sessions are on :
Saturday 29th February, Starbucks, Kew Village 11am
Saturday 7th March, The National Archives 2pm
Friday 13th March, 4pm Starbucks, Kew Village

Our next PLG is 30th April, 7.30pm at The National Archives.

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