Waste and Recycling Service Update

Rubbish Collection 200403

This week’s missed household residual waste and recycling collections will be collected over the weekend by the new contractor, confirms Richmond Council.

Earlier this year Richmond Council announced that a new waste and recycling collection contract has been awarded to Serco, commencing on the 30 March 2020. Despite the challenges facing the provider due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Serco started delivering the service on Monday. They have been working hard over the past month to ensure that they were ready for the new contract, putting in place steps to minimise any impact of the pandemic.  However, whilst so far there has been no significant staffing impact as a result of the virus, like the start of any new contract there have been initial ‘teething’ problems, due mainly to problems with the hire fleet of waste trucks. This resulted in a number of roads across the borough where waste or recycling boxes collections were not undertaken due to vehicle breakdowns. The provider has committed to completing the collection of the waste/recycling for these roads by the end of the weekend.

Measures are being put in place to address the issues with the hire fleet to provide the resilience necessary to deliver the service required. The brand-new fleet of EURO6 refuse collection vehicles, are currently in build and are expected to be in place by the Autumn. They will be fitted with a range of safety features including 360-degree cameras,  an ‘auto stopping system’ which automatically apply the vehicle brakes when movement is sensed during reversing and a cycling safety system, all designed to ensure safe working practices are maintainable at all times for the benefit of Richmond residents.

Richmond Council and Serco are committed to providing a waste and recycling service throughout the pandemic. However, with most residents now staying at home, there is a danger that there will be more household waste and recycling to pick up, putting additional pressure on the borough’s collection services with increased trips to the disposal points required.

Therefore, Richmond Council is asking residents to:

  • Leave waste and recycling ready for collection from 8pm the night before and no later than 6am on your collection day.
  • Leave waste and recycling within the front boundary of your property i.e. where your front path or drive meets the road or pavement. If you have sufficient outside space, please store and present your black bag within a dustbin.
  • Please separate food waste and close the food caddy securely
  • Avoid big clear-outs which create more rubbish and recycling for crews to collect. Please hold onto larger items like furniture or mattresses until the outbreak has subsided and do not dispose of any type of waste on a bonfire as the smoke causes air pollution and can have negative health effects for people living nearby.
  • If you’re self-isolating and feeling ill, putting any potentially infected items like used tissues or cleaning cloths into separate plastic bags and double-bagging them. These bags should then be put aside for at least 72 hours before they are put in external bins. If using a street litter bin, please make sure tissues are securely bagged up.
  • Try to minimise the amount of rubbish, recycling and food waste you produce.
  • Don’t take any waste or recycling to Townmead Road recycling centre in Kew. This centre is closed.
  • Continue to wash your hands regularly, maintaining good hygiene when handling your rubbish and recycling and keeping your distance when the workers are doing their collections.
  • Check carefully about what can and can’t be recycled in your collections.
  • Regularly check the council’s website or social media channels like Twitter and Facebook for updates on waste and recycling collections.