Work to start on urgent measures to make streets safer

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A series of rapid temporary measures will be installed on some of the borough’s busier roads and pavements to help people observe social distancing whilst making essential journeys.

Initially, temporary measures will be put in place at key pinch points from Richmond through to East Twickenham, as part of plans to assist residents with safe distancing from one another as they go about essential journeys on foot and bicycle.

In addition, over the next few weeks, as more people start travelling around the borough, a Rapid Response Team will be established internally to visit those areas that are highlighted as having problems supporting social distancing – with urgent action taken if required.

This is just the first in a series of changes in the coming weeks and months. Further proposals will be announced shortly regarding plans for other priority town centres, improvements to commuter cycling facilities and actions to support schools when they return. The full strategy will be presented to the Transport and Air Quality Committee on the 18th June 2020,

Alongside these immediate measures, the Council will be carrying out work on towpaths, including additional signage and trimming back vegetation. Further long-term measures for towpaths are also being considered to address pinch points.