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Kew is a vibrant suburb of London with a thriving community. We have many locally organised events such as Kew Village Market, Kew Sparkle, Kew Fete as well as the many Kew-based organisations which service the diverse interests of local Kew residents such as the Kew Society, The Rotary Club of Kew Gardens, Kew Park Rangers and many, many more – some that you may not even have heard of!!

A small group of Kew residents, who have been involved in several local events, realised that many of the organisations, most of which are run by passionate volunteers, are speaking to the same audience (Kew residents) and in many instances doubling up on expertise and skillsets. Why not try and come together to share experiences and ideas?

Initially the idea started off as a Kew Community Association, which would share skill sets, volunteers, resources and talent. The concept then quickly developed to finding a way of helping each other seeking to communicate better with the wider Kew audience.

In considering how best to do this, it was decided to harness the power of the internet to create a website (, which would list all Kew organisations/clubs and charities, as well as useful information such as doctors, dentists, schools, churches, on duty chemists and much much more – the idea being that if you are new to Kew, you would go and visit the website and find out everything you would need to know on a practical level about Kew. As an existing Kew resident, you could find out about all the different Kew organisations and in the Calendar of Events what is happening that week or later in the month. At a later stage, we are hoping to add Kew businesses and possibly a residents’ discussion forum, though this will be subject to funding. also intends to harness the power of social media to spread the word.