The Kew TW9 Association – Terms of Reference

• The broad purpose of the group is to promote greater communication and shared/cooperative thinking, making best use of resources, helping each other and providing Kew residents with a single information source about Kew.
• The group was established in May 2015 by representatives from the Kew Traders Associations, Kew Midsummer Fete Committee, Kew Market, Kew Park Rangers FC and members of the local community.
• The group is non-political.
• The aims of the group are:

o to support the local life in the KewTW9 catchment area, preserve its character and the amenities of the neighbourhood;
o to act as an umbrella organisation to provide community communication between various diverse organisations and individuals in Kew through pooling resources, expertise and local knowledge;
o to encourage and facilitate communication and integration;
o to disseminate information largely through a community website.


• Membership is open to any organisations or groups based in Kew – this may include clubs, societies, charities, schools, churches and others.
• Period of Membership is unlimited or for as long as there are sufficient local volunteers to run the organisation.


• An overall Committee is responsible for the activities of “KewTW9” and Sub-committees of “KewTW9” are responsible for reporting back on activities of the group to the overall Committee.
• The Committee consists of volunteers from the local Kew coommunity.  We invite a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Tresurer to put their names forward, who shall annually be proposed, seconded and then elected by a simple majority of committee members.


• “KewTW9” will review the relevance and value of its work and the terms of reference annually.

Working methods / ways of working

• Meetings

  • meetings will be held on an “as needed” basis at a venue to be determined at the time of calling a meeting;
  • meetings will be organised by either the overall Committee or Sub-Committees depending upon the subject matter;
  • the chair person of the meeting group will generate an agenda for a meeting;
  • minutes will be taken for all meetings.

• Sharing of information and resources

  • group members will share information and resources via the KewTW9 website (;
  • confidential materials and copyright issues will be identified and dealt with appropriately;
  • some areas of the website may be password protected;
  • a strategy will be drawn up to ensure regular review and updating processes with allocation of responsibility to individuals.