Kew Riverside Residents Association

As the Residents’ Association, we’d like to welcome you warmly to Kew Riverside. We think it’s a great place to live and we hope you do too.

If you’re still sorting yourself out after having moved in, then getting involved with our group is probably the last thing on your mind! We’re all well aware of how short time is for most people even if you haven’t just moved house, so we try to avoid having endless meetings and do most of our communication through e-mail.

Although we’re a Limited Company we perform an important role as the voice of the residents in dealings with the developers St James Homes and the management company Consort Properties. Eventually we will assume responsibility for running the development.

We are very active on issues such as security, garden maintenance and the running of the leisure centre. We also liase with bodies such as the Environment Agency and local Council, on matters relating to the recycling centre and bio-thane plant.

Our most important role though, is monitoring how our service charges are spent. Our committee members all give their time for free to ensure that we can keep an effective watch on where our money is going.

Whether you’re a tenant or owner, these are issues which affect you. So we would encourage you to join us, because the more members we have the stronger our voice and the more we can get done.

kew riverside

Kew Riverside, Melliss Avenue, Kew TW9 4BQ