Westerly Ware Association

Westerly Ware Association (WWA) was created in 1997, to improve and maintain Westerly Ware, a small but popular local park nestled between Kew Green and the River Thames, alongside the arches of Kew Bridge. The group has been working hard ever since, liaising with Richmond council and transforming what was once a vandalised area with poor play equipment and substandard tennis courts into the pleasant space we all enjoy today. We’ve cleaned graffiti, planted lots of trees, shrubs, wild flowers and bulbs, provided benches, repaired stonework, and employed a gardener for ongoing planting and maintenance. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2007 by commissioning the fabulous decorative park gates, made by Shelley Thomas from the Brentford Forge at the Steam Museum.
Recent and ongoing projects undertaken by WWA with Richmond Council include

• Consultation on the design and installation of a new playground (2012)
• Introduction of bees, managed by local beekeepers (2013)
• Creation of new Mediterranean flowerbed on Greyhound Lane (2014)
• Successful application for Green Flag Status (2014)
• Redesign of the memorial garden (2015)
• Creation of new herbaceous border beside the bees (2015)
• Creation of formal planted terraces on the north bank (2016)
• Planting of 5 new ornamental trees in the central grass area (2016)
• Planting 2000 daffodil bulbs (2016 and 2018)

The Association spends around £1,500 per year on gardening and maintenance, using funds raised from members’ subscriptions and donations and from our lovely annual summer party and raffle. We welcome all new members and are grateful for the long-standing support of so many local residents and businesses.
Please have a look at our website for more information and come along and join us – members pay just £10 per year to support the park and are all invited to our famous summer party. Sign up on the website http://www.westerlyware.com or email info@westerlyware.com and do come and have a look around the park – it’s quite special!